Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Microsoft Teams

New Teams Features Aug/Sept 2020
Microsoft Teams In-Depth Guide
Microsoft Teams Login
Sharing PowerPoint in Teams
Raise Your Hand in a Teams Meeting
How to Create Breakout Rooms in Teams
Custom TImes for Meetings in Teams
Adding Attain (Moodle) to Microsoft Teams
YouTube Integration in Microsoft Teams
How to Livestream Lessons
Teams Custom Backgrounds
Sharing Meeting Recordings in Teams
Disable and Enable the Chat in Teams
How to Turn on Transcriptions in Teams Meetings

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint Video to Moodle
PowerPoint Screen Record
PowerPoint Inking
Creating Videos in PowerPoint (short)
Creating Videos in PowerPoint (full)

Microsoft Office & Windows

Windows Ease of Access Features
Change Password in Office 365
'Shared with Everyone' in OneDrive

Google Meet

Meet Calendar In Classroom
Troubleshooting Microphone Issues in Google Meet


How to Turn on Live Captions for Content on Any Website
GDPR & Sharing